“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”, These are words in which we lay our hopes on at S M C S Global. As an entity we believe to dwell on the career growth of our team members. We strongly believe in the virtue that the growth of the individual will impact the growth of the firm in multiples to reap more benefits.

HR Strategies;

As part of its commitment to the promotion of expertise and staff training to face and lead the projects presented by the global market, SMCS establishes to incorporate values ​​into their professional team, with two objectives

  • Train professionals in all the underlying root area of finance and audit &
  • Train professionals in the Specialized Area in which their interest and expertise are found.

We bring out the expertise of professionalism in ones person by identifying the potentials within. We do a one to one meeting with all our team member from time to time counseling on the line of careers which is best suited for them to pursue with their own will and interest.

For the professionals and Students at SMCS we ensure the following:

  • Undertaking weekly workshops on various subjects
  • Giving research topics for the team members to work on and present to the fellow members
  • Make then lead the big assignments in the field of expertise which they strive on to get a hands on practical exposure on the subject matter
  • Conduct tests on frequent intervals for the students who are in the way to take up any academic examinations as a practice and preparatory measure for them.